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Snap a Copper Today

July 12, 2009 | By | 1 Comment

brighton_riotBack in June (when the sun was shining)  a group of protesters gathered at the EDO MBM factory to express their views on the arms trade and EDO’s involvement. The protest descended into what was described as a riot with police struggling to keep the crowds under control, resorting to using dogs, batons and strong-arm tactics.

An associate of the illustrious Amateur Brain Surgery Club was in attendance, snapping pics on his fancy new digital SLR. He soon found himself confronted by several police officers who warned him that if he continued to take pictures his equipment would be confiscated and he was liable to be arrested under section 44 of the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2000.

Not wanting to lose his new camera, or be arrested, he ceased snapping. But the truth of the matter is that people don’t need permission, in the UK, to take photographs in public places and the police have no power to stop people from filming or photographing them or events as long as they are occurring in a public area.

This post: Photography is actually still legal in the UK makes the point very clearly.

More detail on photographers rights in the UK can be found here: UK Photographers rights.

So we encourage every camera carrying reader to snap pictures of any and every incident involving the police because they cannot legally arrest you for doing so. The UK law makes it clear that photography is not a crime – but preventing people from doing so by threatening them with arrest and confiscation of their equipment surely is.

MPs Expenses Claims are Not Trivial

May 12, 2009 | By | Add a Comment

pound_coinThe latest revelations regarding MPs expenses claims have been the most shocking yet in this erupting scandal. The Daily Telegraph revealed details of Tory MPs’ expenses claims which put many of those made by Labour MPs in the shade.

For example Douglas Hogg, the former agriculture secretary, submitted a claim that included over £2000 to have the moat around his country estate cleared and James Arbuthnot MP claimed for the cleaning of the swimming pool at his country residence.

Michael Ancram, the Marquis of Lothian, claimed more than £14,000 a year in expenses while owning three properties worth an estimated £8million, none of which had a mortgage. It has emerged that many members of parliament have been making claims for their country homes for many years, going back to the time when receipts were no longer required to be submitted.

The actor Stephen Fry has hit back at the media for having made such a meal of this latest scandal. In his opinion journalists are some of the worst offenders when it comes to fraudulent expenses claims. He says that it is a ‘jounrnalistic made-up frenzy’.

However, there are many people in the UK who would disagree. The amounts claimed by these MPs may appear to some people, like Stephen Fry, to be trivial but for those earning relatively low salaries, like nurses (a grade A nurse earns between £10,050 and £12,615 a year), these questionable expenses claims are plainly wrong and far more significant than the war in Afghanistan, the current financial crisis or global warming.

Can the Police Stand Any More Bad Press

April 15, 2009 | By | 10 Comments

Congleton Borough Police HelmetAnother piece of video footage showing a female protester apparently being assaulted by a sergeant in the Territorial support group. This latest footage appears to confirm reports that the brutality inflicted upon Ian Tomlinson was not an isolated incident.

The IPCC now have this case to investigate as well. They certainly have their work cut out for them. But what on earth were the police at the G20 protests thinking? It’s looking like they were primed for a fight and instead of controlling people they resorted to bully-boy tactics that should never have been used.

While it’s good to hear that the officers concerned have been suspended it will be months before the IPCC complete their investigations. By then will we have all forgotten how serious these offences were?

Ref: BBC News.

‘World’s Worst Police Shootouts’ legalised murder?

January 7, 2009 | By | 5 Comments

police with guns - legalised murder?

The Nurse is gobsmacked by US policemen’s gung ho shootings.

The telly in the UK was shite over Christmas. The Nurse found herself hunkered down in front of ‘World’s Worst Police Shootouts’ one freezing night for the want of anything better to watch.  

Expecting light entertainment, The Nuse was shocked rigid by the gratuitous legalised murderfest that ensued. And she ain’t easily shocked. 

Five or six cases were shown, each of which ended in the ‘perp’ being shot, usually to death.

In one video a middle aged lady ran out of her house on a suburban street, obviously in some kind of distress, waving a short kitchen knife. The two attending cops, both in a right flap, fannied around for a few minutes then, when she ran towards one of them, panicked and shot her.

All the other cases featured followed much the same pattern. 

The Nurse has always had the greatest respect for the UK’s police. If she got a bit pissed (or pissed off) and ran out of her house in her nightie waving a little knife, she could do so in the certain knowledge that she wouldn’t be shot for it.

Instead her local police would talk to her and get her to drop the knife. Or, at worst, rugby  tackle her to the ground. Either way, they’d calm things down. Then they’d make sure she got some help. 

The Nurse wonders where you’d rather live. In a country whose police are legally authorised to shoot rather than protect you? Or in one where the police manage to keep control with truncheons, silly hats and empathy?

She knows which she’d choose, despite the shite Christmas telly.