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Science teacher insists the earth is less than 10,000 years old

August 19, 2008 | By | 32 Comments

Richard Dawkins: atheist, scholar, intellectual and gentlemanRichard Dawkins highlights UK education scandal

Richard Dawkins interviewed a chemistry teacher at a ‘well-respected’ Yorkshire secondary school on TV last night. A teacher who said that he truly believed the earth was less than ten thousand years old. What a twat.

You wouldn’t enjoy seeing The Nurse livid, gnashing her teeth and tearing out her own hair. It is a great challenge to remain calm in the face of such outrageously provocative nutterdom.

The Nurse wonders why people these days insist on confusing religion with science. Why blur the boundaries?

At school in the 1960s and ’70s she remembers that science was taught in science classes and religious studies was taught during RE lessons. The two didn’t mix. One was true, the other wasn’t. And on a common sense level, everyone knew it.

Okay, loads of The Nurse’s fellow pupils believed in god. Mostly because they were too dippy at that age to think for themselves. But they certainly didn’t believe that the bible contained historical, factual truth. Few, if any, of us were that stupid.

The Nurse doubts that anyone with an ounce of common sense would believe that the bible was ever intended to be taken as fact. Surely it was supposed to be read as allegorical, speaking figuratively rather than literally, representational rather than factual?

Far from inspiring a second renaissance and a new age of wisdom, Darwin’s great truth is still being ignored by countless billions of people. And now they’re getting to your children too. If The Nurse had a kid at that school she’d rip the teacher’s head off and post it down his silly throat. Then she’d do the same to the Headmaster.

The Nurse advises parents to check their child’s school has religion and science in proper perspective. Schools never used to get so confused and mixed up. It is a very recent thing and it needs to be nipped in the bud. The Nurse’s fingers are itching at the thought of a spot of brutal yet effective bud-nipping. But it’s up to you lot… she’s imprisoned in this dismal place for the rest of her life.

Parents, please take matters into you own hands and demand enlightened progress rather than a slow slide backwards into ignorance and superstition.

They’ll be burning atheists at the stake next.


Stop Having Babies to Save the Planet

July 26, 2008 | By | 86 Comments

It’s a controversial message that isn’t going to win many votes. But the truth is, human population growth and overcrowding are the cause of many of today’s problems.population.jpg

The solution is simple – stop having babies. The world’s human population should be decreased, gradually, by encouraging people to abstain from parenthood. Remaining childless should be encouraged with significant incentives. Reduced tax rates for middle-aged childless couples and individuals would be a start.

There is only so much space and so much resource that the earth can provide. We are already in a situation where it would be impossible to raise the standard of living of every person in developing countries, including China and India, to the standard enjoyed by people in the west. There simply isn’t enough resource to go round.

A well known experiment was once conducted in which mice were kept in an enclosed space and provided with plenty of food and water. Their numbers increased and they quickly became overcrowded. Their food and water levels were maintained to keep them alive but the overcrowding resulted in males fighting over females, or over nothing at all, homosexual activity increased, eating of the young became commonplace and mental issues were observed wherein mice would perform repeated pointless actions. Does any of this sound familiar?

Every day we hear stories of increasingly extreme violence, we are surrounded by people suffering from mental health issues of one sort or another and everybody and their dog appears to be gay these days.

It’s about time that people woke up to the fact that the state of the planet and the state of society is largely down to over-crowding. The equation is simple. Fewer people would mean more space and less demand upon the planets limited resources.

Instead of encouraging parenthood it should be actively discouraged. People who manage to resist the strong biological drive towards becoming a parent should be rewarded for their strength and children should be educated towards leading a life without offspring. These are tough times and tough measures are required if the human race is to survive.

Just say no to children: 5 great reasons to stay child-free!

November 23, 2007 | By

Just about everyone has kids but that doesn’t mean it’s de rigeur. It’s a choice.

In the hope that lots of bouncy, fertile young females and hormone-tortured males’ll read this post, The Nurse feels duty bound to point out the top five benefits of remaining child-free. If you’re currently considering dropping a sprog make yourself a coffee, sit down and read on…

5. pelvic floor hell: your pelvic floor muscles will probably go to shite when you give birth. This means, in addition to the risk of pregancy-related piles, you’ll be farting like a sailor, leaking urine and wearing incontinence pants. So if you want to keep ’em tight, say no to los bambinos.

4. loads of free time: It only takes one child to eat up all of your spare time.  Every second of it. In effect, you put everthing except the child on hold for at least eighteen years. Life’s very short. To be healthy, your spirit needs time and space and peace to reflect. Uness you really want to spend a great chunk of life running yourself ragged without a second to stop and stare, reconsider becoming a parent.

3. freedom of speech and action: The minute a child comes into the room, bang goes adult fun and stimulating conversation. Children, apparently, need to be protected from all sorts of things and once you’ve got one, you lose a whole load of adult rights and privileges. The right to smoke, swear, take the occasional toke, get mildly squiffy, mention sex, war or death… the list is depressingly long. If you love the freedom of being a grown up, stay child free.

2. money:  If you can bear the thought of working your backside raw for twenty years only to spend it all on a spectacularly ungrateful little Dwayne or Kylie, go ahead and procreate. But if you prefer to travel, buy lovely things, live and sleep well, look younger, have fewer or no worries and pay off your mortgage in a fraction of the time, try the no-child route.

1. The best years of your life: “There are loads of things I wanted to do, but then the kids came along” is a familiar cry. As is, “I love them to bits and I wouldn’t be without them now. But if I’d known how hard it was, I’d have thought twice about having them”. It’s fine to use up the best, most active, fittest and productive years of your life looking after kids. As long as you realise what you’ll be sacrificing. You can park your life on the sideline until they leave home. But you might get run over by a bus tommorrow, mightn’t you? Then you’d be sorry.

If The Nurse has made even one lust-stricken teenaged couple or forty-something first timer think again about bringing yet another child into an overcrowded world, she’ll consider her job done. 

Creationist Fools

October 7, 2007 | By | 1 Comment

I have worked as an Educator for many years. Some would say too many. As an educator I understand that my role is to impart factual knowledge, to stimulate and encourage curiosity and to motivate students towards studying further and to engage in a process of lifelong learning, questioning and informed criticism.
Creationists are Fuckwits
Creationism is plainly wrong. It is a religious belief that the whole universe and everything in it was physically manufactured by a deity and this is supposed to have taken place relatively recently. There are many variants of creationism, some of which actually accept scientific and geological evidence of the history of the universe, but reject evolutionary principles in favour of the superstitious views presented in the bible (Genesis).

The only aspect of creationism which is genuinely interesting and worthy of any form of study is how can seemingly intelligent and well informed people become so deluded and why would they choose to believe such nonsense? Is it because the truth is actually quite complicated and, therefore, it is much simpler and easier to believe that some form of ‘god’ knocked the whole of the universe together just because he or she could? Creationism does not make sense!

My mum holds lots of old-school superstitious beliefs. She believes that one can tell the future using a variety of arcane mechanisms such as tea-leaves, crystal balls and cards. She believes that the number 13 is genuinely unlucky, that an itchy palm means you will be coming into money and that new shoes should never be left on a table as this will bring bad luck.

All of these are plainly wrong. It would therefore be wrong for beliefs, such as these, to be presented alongside well proven scientific facts as potentially being true.

One of the greatest crimes that can be committed against society is to manipulate and adversely influence the thinking and reasoning capability of young people. Young people are malleable, they are relatively easy to influence, they are susceptible to emotionally driven behaviours and these can be evoked through persuasive, brain-washing techniques.

Creationism has no place in our schools or education systems, except as an interesting anachronism. We are living in the information age and this is to be celebrated. People no longer need superstitions to explain why things are the way they are and where everything came from. The information and evidence speaks for itself.