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Elvis Made Secret Visit to London

April 26, 2008 | By

Elvis Visited London as well as Prestwick AirportIt has long been believed that Prestwick Airport is the only place in the British Isles visited by the late, great Elvis. But it has recently been revealed that he visited Tommy Steele in London.

Prestwick airport have photographic evidence of Elvis visiting them on 3rd March 1960, during his time in the U.S. army. But there doesn’t appear to be any photographic evidence of his rumored and secret visit to Tommy Steele in London.

The revelations were made by theatre producer Bill Kenright on the Radio 2 show Tracks of My Tears, presented by Ken Bruce. He explained that Elvis was a fan of Tommy Steele and he flew into London for a secret visit during which Tommy Steele showed Elvis the sights.

Tommy Steele, now 71, confirmed the story to a newspaper telling them that he had promised to keep it quiet.

Builders to the King

August 25, 2007 | By | 8 Comments

Bromley Brothers Builders are a reputable Sussex building firm who have undertaken many interesting and challenging projects over the years they have been in business. We at Amateur Brain Surgery were particularly interested when we heard about a property development project they were carrying out out in West Worthing. The client turned out to be none other than the King himself, Elvis! Or at least that is what the property owner told our roving reporter when he visited to check out the story.Builders to the King

“I’ve been keeping a low profile here in Worthing” he said. “The people here all mind their own business and I can even go down the chip shop dressed in my stage gear and nobody bats an eyelid”.

When asked about their experience working for Elvis Neil Bromley said “It’s been a privilege. He’s a real gentleman, but he can’t make a cup of tea!”

The Bromley Brothers building team collectively said that, while they loved to hear the King crooning while he did his gardening, they found his jump suits a bit bleak. One of the team remarked “Those tight jump suit things he wears are so wrong. He should get some proper slacks.”

Elvis declined to comment but he did offer to make our reporter a cup of tea…