Fat and tattooed? Yes we are!

September 22, 2010 | By

The Nurse wonders what all the fuss is about. Dutch ferry boss director Pim de Lange allegedly (according to the UK press, so it’s probably bollocks) called British sailors ‘fat and tattooed’ this Tuesday, which caused a storm of derision and offence up and down the country.

But the truth is, most of Britain is fat and tattooed these days. From children to grannies,  teachers to SEO experts, builders, accountants and lawyers. We’re mostly fat. We’re almost all unfit. And a vast number of us have tattoed our visible and intimate bits ’til they’re totally unrecognisable as human flesh. Nasty.

The Nurse’s message to he RMT union, who seem to be making the biggest and silliest fuss? Get over it!

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  1. LOL! And I thought only Americans were called fat! No offence intended. :) Blame it on fastfoods and takeouts. As for tattoos, well it’s their body. Can you really tell these people not to get a tattoo? Is it criminal to get one? Perhaps because tattoos are mostly linked to “bad” people? That is stereotyping, profiling indeed.