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Segregate the Obese and Charge Them More

June 2, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

Let’s face it, we’ve got a problem. It’s a big problem and it’s getting bigger. Americans are growing and not in a good way.
Obesity is offensive
Over two thirds of Americans are either over weight or obese. Children are growing up believing that obese is normal. The sad result is that these young people are likely to have shorter life expectancies than their parents. They have been conditioned and educated to believe that being fat is normal by parents who have grown fat themselves due to poor diets and laziness.

Some have suggested that poverty is to blame and there is some correlation between socio-economic factors and obesity statistics. But its not all about wealth. Basically, it boils down to readily available, cheap and unhealthy foods combined with sedentary lifestyles and laziness.

People have become lazy. Lazy in their attitudes, thinking, opinions and in what they do. Rather than prepare a healthy, tasty salad for their children it’s far easier to open a bag of chips and fat laden dips. Instead of getting outdoors and doing something active with the whole family it’s far easier to let the children play computer games all day while consuming gallons of fizzy drinks. And it’s far easier for parents to deny their responsibility by telling themselves nonsense excuses like big-bones are the root cause when in fact the reason is simply big, fattening meals and no exercise.

The time has come for some radical new approaches to deal with this growing problem. Children mimic their parents and those parents who are conditioning their offspring to become fat, lazy copies of themselves are guilty of child abuse. Plain and simple. They are costing the nation a fortune and populating the country with miserable, fat kids who will die before their time after suffering from diseases that they should never experience.

Being overweight and obese needs to be massively disincentivised. It should be perfectly acceptable for airlines to set size limits and to charge overweight passengers more. Clothes for outsize people use significantly more material than clothes for normal sized people so they cost more to produce, store and transport so they should be sold for XXXL prices. Purchasing fattening, unhealthy foods and drink should somehow be discouraged in favour of more healthy options. Good parents who set great examples should be recognised and praised for what they are doing. Whereas parents who take the lazy approach should be identified, offered assistance and made aware of the consequences of their poor parenting.

Not so long ago smoking was considered to be cool and sophisticated. Films and TV series’ from the 1950s presented attractive, stylish actors and actresses puffing away on cigarettes, often engulfed in clouds of smoke. But if someone was to light up a cigarette in a restaurant or bar today they would be on the receiving end of some very disapproving stares and most likely be asked to go outside to a designated smoking area. People’s attitudes to smoking have changed radically and this has had an enormously beneficial impact on the nation’s health. The same needs to happen to over-consumption, laziness and obesity. It shouldn’t be considered discriminatory to enforce size restrictions on aircraft, at sports events, fairgrounds or in theatres. It shouldn’t be considered discriminatory to charge overweight and over-sized people more if it costs more to provide them with a product or service. It’s simply practical, common sense.

Fat and tattooed? Yes we are!

September 22, 2010 | By | 1 Comment

The Nurse wonders what all the fuss is about. Dutch ferry boss director Pim de Lange allegedly (according to the UK press, so it’s probably bollocks) called British sailors ‘fat and tattooed’ this Tuesday, which caused a storm of derision and offence up and down the country.

But the truth is, most of Britain is fat and tattooed these days. From children to grannies,  teachers to SEO experts, builders, accountants and lawyers. We’re mostly fat. We’re almost all unfit. And a vast number of us have tattoed our visible and intimate bits ’til they’re totally unrecognisable as human flesh. Nasty.

The Nurse’s message to he RMT union, who seem to be making the biggest and silliest fuss? Get over it!

Hypnotism Helps Battle of the Bulge

January 20, 2010 | By | 6 Comments

hypno_eyesIt’s been a while since I last posted any details of my ongoing battle with my (previously) expanding waist line and lots has happened.

The first thing to report is that I have managed to shed around 10lbs since I embarked on my new weight-loss campaign back in September 2009. Before the Christmas holidays I’d managed to shed almost a stone (14lb) in weight but the festive period, combined with the recent snowy weather keeping me from getting outdoors for some much needed exercise, have resulted in a small amount of weight gain. But I am still enormously pleased with myself.

Christmas is a tough time when dieting. Too many tempting, tasty but fattening treats combined with cold weather and an inclination to indulge is a near fatal combination. I was lucky that Father Christmas brought me some new DJ equipment which acted as a distraction from the mince pies, Christmas cake and booze.

If you have read my previous posts you’ll know that myself and my DJ friend, Chemical Dave, met a hypnotherapist in a night club last year who offered to give me a free session that she promised would help with my weight loss objectives. Well Dave and I paid a visit to our new Harley Street Hypnotist friend and I have to report that it has worked for me.

I’ve always been skeptical about hypno-therapy and wondered if I would make a good subject. The session I had suggests that I am a good subject for hypnotism and that it works. Our therapist friend said that all she did was reinforce my own drive towards getting more exercise, eating healthily and steering clear of junk food. Since the session I’ve had no trouble resisting most temptations, even over the Christmas holidays.

So if you have been toying with the idea of trying hypnotism in your quest to lose weight and get into shape I’d strongly recommend that you give it a go.

Birthday Cakes Create Havoc with Weight Loss Plan

October 16, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

birthday_cake_and_candlesIt’s been a few weeks since I last posted any details of how my weight-loss plan has been going. This is because it came to a grinding halt and then went into full speed reverse with a week of liquid lunches and a weekend binge on kebabs and fast food.

Everything was going so well. I’d managed to avoid the liquid lunch crowd, instead choosing to nibble on some healthy vegetable based snacks and taking vigorous walks in a nearby park. I’d also teamed up with my old mate Chemical Dave to do help out at a few night-club DJ gigs. But it all went horribly wrong a couple of weeks ago when there were several birthdays at work.

Normally birthdays at work are celebrated with card signed by everyone in the office and maybe some cakes. But these two birthdays were a 40th and a 35th and both of those involved insisted that we all go to the pub for lunch, which we did. One of them was on a Friday so the lunch time session was followed by a post-work session that finished up in an Indian restaurant with a table full of irresistibly tasty Indian food.

This was followed, on Saturday, by a night out with Chemical Dave, DJing at a local nightclub. But this was followed by a late night visit to an all-night cafe and a huge plate full of fried food that they call the ‘gut buster’.

Inevitably, when I weighed myself the following week not only had I regained the pounds that I had lost over the previous weeks but I had managed to put on another 6 pounds of unwanted fat. Staring at the scales I plunged into a pit of despond which has previously prompted me to stuff even more fattening food into my flabby gob. But I resisted.

Chemical Dave gave me a call to tell me that he’d been telephoned by the woman he’d met at a gig some weeks previously, who he had called ‘Hypno Ho’. She had offered to give us both free Hypnosis sessions at here Harley Street clinic, but Dave had lost her number. Clearly she was quite keen on seeing Dave again, hence the telephone call. So Dave is now setting up an appointment for us both to pay her a visit and I am praying that a little hypnotism is what I need to get me back on track for the Winter.