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Weight Loss with Hypnotism

September 24, 2009 | By | 6 Comments

hypnotic_eyesI’m a couple or three weeks into my new regime of healthy eating, plenty of exercise and no more liquid lunches down the pub and I’m pleased to report that I’ve dropped a few pounds. But not without some effort.

Last weekend, for the first time in ages, I helped an old DJ friend at a gig in Brighton. I didn’t really have to do very much, just carry a couple of record cases. But it got me off my fat backside and I enjoyed a great evening with my good friend Chemical Dave spinning the tunes.

The reason he is called Chemical Dave is a long story, but he’s had the nickname since school days and it helps to differentiate him from all the other Dave’s in our social circle: Hairy Dave, Surfing Dave, Techno Dave, Dave the Viking and Icarus. (Icarus is a guy called Dave who loves hang-gliding).

Chemical Dave played a brilliant support set, warming up the crowd for the main DJ on Saturday night at a popular Brighton club. We ended up in the VIP lounge enjoying a variety of free cocktails and some interesting company into the early hours of Sunday morning.

One of the interesting people we met that night was a dusky, slim, attractive young lady who told us that she was a Harley Street Hypno-therapist. She was a little bit wobbly due to the inebriants that she had consumed, and this appeared to inspire her to disclose all sorts of personal details about her life.

She told us that she had first been introduced to Hypnotherapy when trying to overcome her sex addiction. She went into great detail describing how her addiction took over her life. It led her into all sorts of dangerous situations and resulted in a whole series of dysfunctional relationships. But she managed to get it under control, although by the way she was throwing herself at Chemical Dave you might have thought otherwise.

Dave and I were both keen to know whether hypnotherapy could work for us. Me with my weight loss and Dave wants to stop losing things (he spends a small fortune on mobile phone insurance because he’s always losing his phone).

Hypno-ho (as we’ve chosen to call her) explained that it’s all about changing our habits and that is precisely what can be achieved through hypnosis.

She took us both to a corner of the VIP lounge and made a vain attempt to put Chemical Dave in an hypnotic trance. Afterwards Dave said that he was tempted to pretend that she’d been successful. But she was ultra-professional, if a little wobbly on her feet after consuming several Margharitas, explaining that the noise and distraction in the bar wasn’t really very conducive to inducing the required trance-like state.

But she gave Dave her smart business card (I think she fancied him) and told us that we could both have a free session if we visited her in London. So Dave and I are planning to head for the capital sometime soon to get a little professional hypnotherapy that we hope will help us to maintain our resolve, me to lose weight and get in shape and Dave to stop losing things.

Unfortunately Dave has already lost her card.