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Illegal Immigrant Amnesty – WTF?

September 20, 2007 | By | 3 Comments

So some think tank (?) reckons it’s a good idea to give an amnesty to around 500,000 immigrants who are living in Britain illegally. The so-called think tank justify their recommendation by saying that this would raise around £1bn in taxes. What planet are they on?

This recommendation has coincided with police forces throughout the UK crying out for more resources to deal with crime committed by European immigrants, and to pay for the interpreters needed to deal with miscreants who can’t speak english. WTF?

The government currently has no idea how many people have come to the UK either legally or illegally but you can be sure that their estimates are entirely wrong and should be doubled or trebled. Services in many areas of the country are being stretched to breaking point by the influx of immigrants.

Amateur Brain Surgery has been receiving reports of massive overcrowding with outhouses and sheds being converted and used to house immigrants. Unscrupulous landlords are cramming families with many children, parents and elderly in-laws into one room. The tell tale sign is the volume of effluent that is output from a region. Our roving reporter told us that everyone has got to shit and piss and the amount of shit and piss that comes down the pipes from certain areas of Slough indicates that there are far more people living there than is being acknowledged by the local authorities. They daren’t go knocking on doors because they know they will have to rehouse anyone who is evicted from an overcrowded property and they simply don’t have enough properties to go round.

So we say a firm no to an amnesty. We don’t advocate sending everyone back to where they came from but an amnesty is not the answer. Better border controls, stricter immigration rules and an adherence to British standards of decency, health and the laws of this land is what we think is needed.

Note: The alleged ‘think tank’ is ‘The Institute for Public Policy Research’ which is a registered charity. Producing these recommendations is how they spend the money that is donated to them.