Looking at the World Through Green-Tinted Glasses

October 24, 2014 | By

green grassThe Nurse is disgusted of Brighton. Or Hove, actually. How come those spiritually ugly idiots at UKIP have been awarded a coveted spot in the pre-election telly debates while the caring, sharing, future-minded Green Party have been left out? 

No Green Party presence on pre-election TV debates? WTF?

She might not seem like the planet’s most right-on individual, being a mass murderer and all, but The Nurse has been Green all her life. And she’s astounded at the omission. After all she lives in Brighton & Hove, where the Green Party has been in charge for some time now. In fact she has lived in the city since 1982, during which time things have changed beyond all recognition. They’ve mostly changed in a good way. And much of the positive change has come about thanks to the Green Party.

You can call her a hippy if you like… or if you dare. If she hears you she’ll rip your head off, post it down your throat and rip you a fresh arsehole while she’s at it. Not that she’s defensive or anything. But The Nurse believes that every aspect of life, no matter how prosaic, is much better approached through green-tinted spectacles.

Dick-brains ahoy

The Nurse is busy protesting through every medium she can get her well-manicured hands on. As are plenty more people who believe a fair and equitable world isn’t one where UKIP gets a voice and Green politics doesn’t. She hopes fervently that the BBC and the other dick-brains involved in the TV election debate scandal will change their minds.

Is Green Party inexperience a bad thing?

The Greens may be inexperienced. But if it means she gets representatives like Cameron, Farage and, going back a bit, Tony Blair and the dreaded Margaret Thatcher, The Nurse doesn’t think experience counts for much. She’d rather have fresh and relatively inexperienced leaders than more of the same old guff, the same old environmentally mental policies.

Green pubes

In  personal and private protest, known only to herself and Betty, The Nurse has dyed her pubic hair green. It might be a private protest but the very sight of her pea-green pubes every morning and evening, as she dresses and undresses, fires up her anger all over again. And, as The Nurse knows full well, her anger is powerful stuff…

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