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Tougher Laws For Litter Louts

April 17, 2008 | By

Local authorities are seeking tougher laws that will enable them to prosecute motorists who dump rubbish from their cars. We at ABS whole-heartedly support these moves.

Current laws make it really difficult to enforce littering laws, even when an offending vehicle is caught on camera. This is because the individual who dropped the litter needs to be identified. New laws would see the registered vehicle owner being issued with a littering fine in the same way that speeding tickets are currently applied.

A pilot scheme of these new powers is set to be trialled in London as from June and will be extended across England and Wales if successful.

Littering is just another example of the disrespectful behaviour that we see around us every day. On my journey to and from work I routinely see people launching cigarette butts from their car windows and often see large amounts of plastic rubbish piled up on roadsides clearly dumped from vehicles.

It’s about time that anyone seen treating our shared environment with such disregard met with the full force of the law. If it were up to me I’d make them work down the sewers during the busy summer months.