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Petrol Heads Should Pay More Road Tax

May 1, 2008 | By

Overcrowding is a topic that I have commented on in the past and the problem is certainly not going away. One aspect of the overcrowding problem that I feel is sadly neglected is vehicle ownership.M25 - Car Park or ring road

When I was a lad there was only one house in our road that actually had a car. My family obtained their first car when I was aged about 8 years old. How times have changed. My next door neighbours own no less than four vehicles. Two cars and two motor-cycles. They also have two children who are not yet old enough to drive, but when they are I expect each of them will want a car or motorbike.

This situation is not unusual. With young people continuing to live with their parents well into their twenties it is not uncommon for the occupants of a single household to have four or more vehicles parked outside. This issue is partly responsible for the pavement and verge parking problems that continue to blight our shared environments.

Considering the growing concern for the environment and the dwindling worldwide fuel resources it seems completely mad that multiple vehicle ownership is not being adequately disincentivised.

We think that anyone who owns more than one vehicle should be required to pay double the road tax on the second, triple the road tax on the third etc. We also think that houses and flats should have a defined number of vehicles that the occupants of that property can own and park outside or in their drives. If the owners were to rent or purchase additional garage space then they would be allowed to have more vehicles, paying the appropriate road tax charges of course.

Vehicle ownership is not a god-given right, which many believe, but a privelige. Any political party attempting to introduce radical measures like these will be bound to lose votes but steps must be taken to alleviate the overcrowding on our roads. Profligate vehicle ownership is a selfish, wasteful use of resources that should not be tolerated.

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