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The Squeaky Wheel Always Gets The Oil

April 19, 2008 | By

That old saying that ‘The Sqeaky Wheel Always Gets the Oil’ certainly appears to be true. Brighton and Hove community police have responded to the verge-parking issues that I reported recently and told the culprits to cease or face prosecution!

I was really surprised that anything was actually done after receiving a somewhat terse and less than pleasant message from the council informing me that it was nothing to do with them. The local Police Neighbourhood Specialist Team have addressed the issue and informed many regular offenders in my area that if they persist in parking on pavements and verges they will be prosecuted.

This comes not a moment too soon as someone not too far from where I live had started to park their works van totally on the pavement outside their house forcing pedestrians, and those with push-chairs and wheel chairs, to walk in the road. This was causing massive incovenience and even danger to many of their immediate neighbours, but they have now been forced to stop by the police. Hooray.

So its a big ‘Well Done’ to the Brighton and Hove Police Neighbourhood Specialist Team. The moral of this story is clearly: Don’t sit back and let people damage your environment with selfish lack of consideration. Be a squeaky wheel and complain. If you don’t get a response, complain again and get others to do the same!

Verge Parking is Selfish Environmental Vandalism

April 7, 2008 | By

The Brighton and Hove area is plagued by selfish drivers who seem to think that they have the right to park on pavements and verges. They don’t! And it is about time it stopped.Verge Parking is actually illegal. But the law is not enforced

Why is Pavement Parking and Verge Parking Wrong?

  1. It can cause an inconvenience or even a hazard to pedestrians
  2. It creates hazards for visually impaired, disabled and elderly people
  3. It can cause problems for people with pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters
  4. It can cause costly damage to the kerb, pavement or verge
  5. Damaged or defective pavements, caused by parking, can become hazardous
  6. Injuries sustained as a result of damaged pavements and verges result in local authorities facing significant claims for compensation
  7. Verge parking destroys valuable green space and makes roads look muddy and messy

The enforcement of pavement parking and verge parking laws has been the responsibility of the police. Hence, nothing has ever been done about it. Take a look around any densely populated area of Brighton and you see road after road full of cars illegally parked on the pavements.

As of 31st March the Road Traffic Act 2004 came into force and Brighton and Hove City Council became responsible for the enforcement of the regulations. Parking Attendants will now be called Civil Enforcement Officers and will be given powers to issue Penalty Charge Notices for various parking offences. These will include pavement parking, double parking and parking on a dropped curb.

But will we actually see some action? I’ll believe it when I see it. If you want to complain about pavement parking in your area the following BBC site has some good advice: How to Complain About Pavement Parking

Basically, you need to take a digital photograph, record the date, time, where it was etc. And then send all this to . But don’t expect a reply.