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The End of a Dogs Life

February 15, 2008 | By

Hugo the dead labradorIt is with a great deal of sadness that I must report that Hugo, my pet Labrador has passed away. Hugo had been a great companion for over 10 years and will be sadly missed by all of my family.

Hugo was an incredibly intelligent fellow, more so than many of the students who I am required to instruct each working day. In fact I have often wondered if the pass rates on my courses would improve if I were to replace the humans in my classes with dogs like Hugo.

Unfortunately he developed a heart condition that his vet told me was most likely to have been inherited. The medication provided by the vet appeared to be giving him a new lease of life but then, all of a sudden, he lost all of his normally boundless energy.

The vets made a home visit to see how Hugo was fairing and we were advised that we should consider euthanasia as Hugo’s quality of life had deteriorated significantly. I have to say that the service provided by Sussex based Grove Lodge Veterinary practice was outstanding. They were consistently sensitive to both Hugo’s needs and those of my family and when the time came they provided much more help and support than would reasonably be expected of a vets practice.

So, with much sadness, I must wish a fond farewell to a long time loyal friend, companion and confidante. More than just a pet, Hugo was a trusted friend who has helped me and my family through troubled times and shared many happy moments with us all. He will be sadly missed.