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Phone Using Drivers Are Selfish, Dangerous Idiots

April 17, 2008 | By

On a recent trip to Scotland I had an unpleasant encounter with a driver who appeared to think that he was perfectly within his rights to use his phone whilst steering into Edinburgh Airport Car Park with just one hand.

When will drivers learn that driving while on the phone is illegal because it is dangerous. People have been badly injured and killed by selfish idiots, like the one I encountered at Edinburgh Airport.

What can other drivers do when they see some foolhardy idiot attempting to control their vehicle whilst engaged in a conversation on the phone?

Luckily for me the whole incident was captured on the car park security cameras. The police were called and the driver’s phone records were checked to find the times when he was on the phone. I was reassured that he would receive a substantial fine, and that’s before he goes before the magistrates charged with threatening behaviour for confronting me in the car park.

If you see someone using their phone whilst driving let them know that you disapprove, take their registration details along with location and time of the incident and call the police. If enough people complain often enough something will definitely be done.

Proposal for an Enhanced Road Safety System for All Vehicles

September 13, 2007 | By | Add a Comment

The following proposal for an enhanced road safety system is not my own idea. It was suggested to me some years ago by sources that I cannot remember.

The system is intended to encourage drivers to leave a safe distance between them and the vehicle in front, drive at a safe speed and to avoid using the brakes abruptly. The system would require all vehicles to have the drivers’ seatbelts removed. All passenger seatbelts would remain and it would be compulsory for passengers to wear them. But for drivers it would be compulsory for seatbelts not to be worn.

The second part of the system would require all vehicles, including motor cycles, to have a large surgical steel spike fitted to the centre of the steering wheel, or handle bars. The spike would be pointed directly at the drivers face or neck.

The combination of the spike and the absence of a seatbelt are likely to result in some injuries, but many more lives are likely to be saved due to drivers’ enhanced awareness of the need to drive more carefully.

For learner drivers it is proposed that the spike is replaced with a large, indelible magic marker. Learner drivers would be discouraged from braking too sharply, driving carelessly or crashing by the coloured ink that would stain their faces if they did so.