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For Great Customer Service Go To Scotland

March 10, 2008 | By

I’ve just read this post over at the MrCrip blog: How to Get Out of Jockland and thought I’d redress the balance with a little feedback regarding my own experiences of the service and people from the highlands.Beautiful Scotland, fantastic people, great customer service

My lady wife comes from a Scots family so we regularly venture north to visit relatives and enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking countryside of this beautiful country. On one such recent visit I remarked to my partner on how pleasant and attentive people were in almost every situation. Shops, restaurants, airports and tourist attractions all appear to employ personnel who have absolutely outstanding customer service skills.

We’d flown from Gatwick to Prestwick Airport where we picked up a hire car for the drive over to my Wife’s cousin’s farm. The staff at the car hire office bent over backwards to help us, ensuring that the car was exactly what we needed and they even walked us through the Prestwick airport car park to make sure that we didn’t get lost.

Although we hadn’t gotten lost in the car park, the following day we did find ourselves completely lost after having taken a wrong turn on the way to visit an elderly relative who we hadn’t seen for many a year. We stopped to ask directions and an old gentleman offered to ride with us in our car to make certain we made it to our destination. We couldn’t believe how selflessly generous this old chap was.

On our way back later that day we decided to stop for a bite to eat and a drink at a pub where, again, we met with a warm welcome, absolutely excellent food and service and people who were friendly, open and genuinely helpful.

It’s no surprise that many businesses prefer to employ Scottish people to provide their customer support. Many Scots appear to have a natural ability to calm even the most dissatisfied and belligerant customers, their voices are a pleasure to listen to and they all appear to have been exceptionally well educated.

For a great holiday in a wonderful country, steeped in history, with breathtaking countryside and coastline, you cannot beat Scotland. We love it!