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Jack Straw Accused of Cynical Preelection Stunt

September 30, 2007 | By | 3 Comments

Last week Jack Straw called for clarification of the self defense laws. He was then accused of irresponsibility by the police federation and the opposition said that it was a cynical preelection stunt.Jack Straw Says Let the Cunts Have It

We here at Amateur Brain Surgery are aware of several cases in which the victims of violent crime have been charged with assault after having done nothing more than defend themselves. One chap was set upon by a youth in a ‘happy slapping’ incident. The youth was unaware that his chosen victim, peacefully waiting for a bus, was an experienced boxer and quite capable of looking after himself. The youth was knocked unconscious by his victim resulting in the victim being charged with assault! WTF?

In another case, a man was set upon by a group of girls who proceeded to beat him mercilessly. When he tried to report it to the police the girls lied, saying that he had tried to molest one of them resulting in his being charged with assault. WTF?

Then there is the famous case of Tony Martin who shot a burglar dead, and served time for it. He has since had to fight a legal battle with the second burglar over the rights of a householder to defend their property and the rights of a burglar injured by the householder. The rights of a burglar?

I was once annoyingly burgled in Brighton. When the police visited I asked them what I could have done to defend my property. They advised me that if a burglar sustained injury whilst carrying out a robbery it would generally be considered misadventure. If, for example, the burglar was to step into a large, old-style bear trap whilst trespassing on someones property it would be considered misadventure. The owner of the property and the bear trap would not be liable in any way.

This prompted me to devise a number of booby traps involving razor blades, acid and exposed high voltage cables which I planned to employ in the defense of my property. In the end I just moved to another less crime ridden area of town. How far would you go in defense of your property?