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The Nurse gets downright cross about C-sections on demand

November 24, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

It’s funny how life works out. Trapped in a wood for three days (or was it four?) in an ancient man-trap with cast iron jaws, The Nurse narrowly avoided being caught by the pigs. That’s the po-lice for our US readers.

If she’d been free to move, she’d have been caught. As it is, with her leg snagged and gushing blood, The Nurse just had to crouch there, muffling groans of pain while the police scurried around the bushes in their silly uniforms with their silly truncheons.

The Nurse bound her wounds with scraps of a shirt she nicked from a sleeping tramp. And set off again on her epic journey, now limping along just short of Nottingham and leaving a visible bloody trail behind her. Mulling over the deeds of Robin Hood, the mad fucker. What was wrong with the man? She’d have kept the money, not redistributed it willy nilly to a load of shiftless wankers.

As you can tell, she’s hardly in the best of moods. So hearing about NICE’s agreement to provide C-sections to women on demand has made her see proper red. If The Nurse actually paid tax she’d be livid to see her contributions being used to fund Ceasarians on demand for a load of lazy twats who can’t be arsed to give birth the normal way. She’d be even crosser if she had cancer and the drugs she needed were deemed ‘too expensive’.

Thankfully walking is one of the few ways The Nurse knows that can calm her down, shut off her intense head-rants and stop the voices…

Brighton City Council’s £5 Million Claims Payout

October 27, 2011 | By | Add a Comment

danger brighton city councilData released under the Freedom of Information Act has highlighted Brighton City Council for spding almost £5 million over five years in personal injuries claims. (Personal Injuries Claims Cost Councils £75 Million).

This shocking revelation highlights a major failing for Brighton City Council as they must have either been found to be negligent in court or they will have conceded negligence. This money comes from the taxpayer and its and absolute disgrace that Brighton City Council are finding themselves liable for these charges.

Some of the claims for which the council have been forced to pay out include the case of a schoolboy who was awarded £7000 after he climbed over the school fence to retrieve a ball and fell into a disused air raid shelter. How on earth is this in any way the responsibility of the council. If the foolish child has climbed over the school fence and in doing so has injured himself that is nobodies fault but his own. And we, as a taxpayers, should not be required to contribute anything in the way compensation for his idiocy.

This is just one example amongst many in which Brighton City Council have coughed up compensation because somebody was plainly stupid. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and not expect to be compensated for their inability to pay attention to fences, sign posts and directions.