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The Nurse heads for the bright lights of Brighton & Hove

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Brighton is full of weird people. It’s the only place The Nurse has a chance of blending in, what with her filed pointy teeth and all.

So that’s where she’s heading, threading her way carefully and steadily through coppices and woods, hugging the edges of fields so as not to be spotted. Cold, wet, bored and lonely. With only a scraggy road-kill squirrel for breakfast. Which was downright nasty.

She’s been banged up for thirty years and the feeling of absolute freedom is heady stuff. She’s very aware that while it is tempting to run and jump, scream and leap with the joy of it all, the last thing she wants is to be caught and locked up again.

The only problem is, the old urges are surfacing and she’s finding it harder and harder to resist. Breaking into a museum somewhere just south of the Yorkshire border, she is once again in possession of a trepanning kit, albeit an old, rusty Victorian one. She tried so hard not to give in to temptation. But her true nature, despite her best intentions for a quiet life in Kemptown, keeps poking through like a sharp rock under the soft, rich earth. Revenge or a quiet life? The Nurse suspects the former.

Today she wants to cover twenty miles. She’s looking forward to sitting at a small camp fire tonight knowing she’s a decent distance closer to her Sussex gaol. Whoops… Freudian slip – obviously The Nurse means ‘goal’…

Muttering to herself, she struggles through the slimy autumn mud, grimly determined…

A Hole in the Head

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