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Three Things You Require This Winter

November 24, 2010 | By | Add a Comment

Upon the previous post on winter this post has nothing to do with Christmas so don’t worry guys I am writing about something else. From the experience of last year’s winter, I thought I will provide you some useful information on what items can be handy to have during the winter.

As we had record breaking winter last year the heater was on mostly all day long, which caused me and my family a lot of skin irritation and dryness. We tried several cream but then what really helped us out was the humidifiers. The humidifiers were attached to the furnace which threw out moisture every once in a while, which helped our skin stay moisturised at all times. It also helped my children breathe easily when sleeping.

Extra duvet! why? Because when your partner is not happy with you for something you have done then obviously you will have to sleep on the sofa and duvet can be very handy during the winter time.

Sky Sports – it was a bad mistake to cancel sky sports last winter, not sure why we did it? When you are at home on bank holiday when you know big teams are playing big matches in the premiership you want to watch them. And if you cannot get out of the house because of snow then you will regret not having Sky Sports!

Get Sky Sports


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