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Ryan Glenister Bullying 70 Year Old Hunt Monitor

Take a look at the video below that the Grafton Hunt don’t want you to see.

The recording shows Ryan Glenister, knuckle-dragging Grafton hunt-lackey, clearly bullying and assaulting a 70 year old hunt monitor by the name of Lawrence.

Let’s be clear, Glenister is a young man in his twenties and here we see this big tough guy preventing a peaceful, 70 year old hunt monitor from simply making a video recording. If the Grafton hunt weren’t doing anything illegal why would he be going to so much trouble to prevent the recording?

When the recording was being made the hunt hounds were casting around near a hedge which could have resulted in a fox being flushed at any moment. Something the Grafton Hunt would definitely not want recorded.

This was all reported and shown to the police and they did – sweet FA. Absolutely nothing (Ref: 19000115784 The incident took place near Wappenham, Northamptonshire on February 23/2019).

The police force’s written response included these notes:

“Police Constable Cayton findings’ were reported to Police Sergeant 295 Dixon-Kelly for a decision to be made on any further investigative requirements or resolving of the crime. In the determination of Police Sergeant Dixon-Kelly consideration was given to the following factors:

The behaviour of both parties was provocative.
Both parties are seen to bump into each other.
The history of tensions between the two parties”

Take a good look at the video and see if you agree that ‘the behaviour of both parties was provocative’. Really Mr Policeman?

If you are as shocked, sickened and disgusted by this then send a complaint to: Chief Constable Nick Adderley on or via their Facebook page.

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