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Cottesmore Hunt Thugs Exposed

The Cottesmore Hunt are a notorious organised criminal gang who routinely engage in illegal fox-hunting, aided by a number of knuckle-dragging, violent supporters who have openly admitted that the Cottesmore Hunt ignores the ban on fox-hunting. One of these supporters (Marc Birney) has recently attempted to discourage Northants Hunt Saboteurs from mentioning his fellow, violent, hunt supporting fools Ollie Barton or Paul Rutter on Facebook by using a fake Facebook account (Adam Stuart) to make intimidating threats.

marc birney threat on facebook
Marc Birney makes a threat on Facebook.

This from Northants Hunt Sabs:

* The plot thickens, Adam Stuart is no other than Cottesmore Hunt ‘steward’…Marc Birney. Oh Marc…  Threats have been made to Facebook users who comment on #NorthamptonHuntsaboteurs posts about the violent behavior of @TheCottesmoreHunt ‘stewards’ Ollie Barton and Paul Rutter. These kinds of threats only continue to expose the nasty behavior of all that are associated with #TheCottesmoreHunt.

Since Mr Birney and his hunt supporting friends are clearly so pleased to see themselves getting some much needed online attention we know they’ll appreciate this blog post which is not limited to the Facebook audience, but can be seen by anyone who has an internet connection, anywhere, anytime – forever!

Marc Birney

So let’s start with the notorious Mr Marc Birney – what a tool!

marc birney hunt scum
Marc Birney – Lowlife

Take a look at this next video which shows Marc Birney, employed as a ‘steward’ for the Cottesmore Hunt – demonstrating his outstanding public relations skills. When watching the video, remember that the Cottesmore Hunt want people to believe that they fully comply with the Hunting Act and don’t hunt illegally. They would do well to take a look at how hunt support behave when legal, trail-hunting is genuinely taking place. There is no need for intimidation, threats, violence or blocking observers from recording what’s going on – when it’s all legal!


Marc’s role for the Cottesmore Hunt is to prevent observers and hunt saboteurs from witnessing and recording their illegal hunting activity. His tactics include threatening female observers, damaging equipment and being overtly violent. This video recording includes an incident in which Mr ‘hard-man’ Birney smashes the lights on a sab vehicle when it was on a public road. You’ll also see Mr Paul ‘you don’t know me do ya’ Rutter – making a guest appearance in this production. Another delightful member of the Cottesmore Hunt hit squad, attempting to prevent sabs from witnessing the hunt’s barbaric behaviour – more about him later.

Mr Birney attempts to intimidate a female anti-hunt activist by telling her that he will be able to “find her”. Ooooooooooh – aren’t you a big tough guy Mr Birney. This form of threatening behaviour is typical of organised criminal gangs in their attempts to scare people away from witnessing their crimes. You can also see the tactic of surrounding a lone, female anti hunt activist with no fewer than 8 (that’s right – 8 stewards) to stop her from witnessing the Cottesmore Hunt engaged in criminal activity. The Cottesmore Hunt really need to send their people back to public relations school – and educate them in exactly how trail hunts work!

Natalie Birney

The Birney family is clearly challenged by an absence of grey-matter, as is evident from the behaviour of Marc Birney’s not-so-better half, Natalie Birney.

natalie birney cautioned for provocation
Natalie Birney – Cautioned by the Police

In this next, short video clip you can see Mrs Birney launching a totally unprovoked attack on a lone hunt saboteur.


She kicks off by saying:

Hi… you vegan scum! 

She then goes on to ask:

What’r you stalking me for?

Which she asks repeatedly – attempting to imply that she is the one being intimidated. She then makes this enquiry of the silent hunt sab:

You’re fuckin’ weird in’t ya?

She continues her unnecessary verbal onslaught and finally attempts to knock the camera from the hunt sab’s hand!

For this exemplary performance Mrs Natalie Birney was awarded, not an Oscar, but a Police caution for a Section 4 Public Order Act offence. 

Again, it’s worth keeping in mind that this was a totally unprovoked attack. The victim wasn’t doing anything that in any way could justify this woman’s strange and scary attack. She clearly has an issue with veganism, but that doesn’t justify assaulting a peaceful anti hunt activist. And she did this in order to discourage the activist from attempting to witness and record the Cottesmore Hunt’s criminal behaviour.

Ollie Barton

The next illustrious member of the infamous Cottesmore Hunt support squad is the delightful blob who goes by the name of Ollie Barton. 

ollie barton business destroyer
Ollie Barton – Making friends and influencing people…

Mr Barton is a well known, violent thug who has assaulted a number of mainly female hunt saboteurs. One of this tough-guy’s favourite tactics is to single out lone, female hunt saboteurs and assault them. He uses extremely offensive and derogatory verbal abuse in an attempt to antagonise and has been recorded using a quad bike as a threatening weapon by driving directly at sabs.


Now here’s an interesting little bit of background. Mr Ollie Barton is employed as ‘Business Development Manager’ by Crouch Recovery. Seriously? Here’s a man who goes out assaulting women in the countryside just to prevent them from witnessing illegal fox-hunting – and yet his recorded, violent, disgusting behaviour is apparently not an issue for his employers. Really?

ollie barton violent twat
Ollie Barton – Misogynist

The role of a Business Development Manager generally involves reaching out to potential clients, building rapport and developing market opportunities. Skills required include excellent interpersonal skills, great communication skills and the ability to get along with people with vastly differing points of view. The poor souls who have been subjected to Mr Barton’s horrible, violent intimidating behaviour are all potential clients of Crouch Recovery, as are all of those who read reports online – yet Mr Barton has failed to demonstrate even the most basic skills necessary to win their business.

Of course – you can always contact Crouch Recovery and let them know what you think about the quality and skills of their employee – Mr Barton.

0116 279 2245
0116 279 6192

Paul Rutter

If you have already viewed the previous Marc Birney video you’ll remember Mr Paul ‘you don’t know me do ya’ Rutter. Mr Rutter is a key individual in the Cottesmore Hunt hit squad, charged with the task of keeping hunt saboteurs at bay and allowing the hunt to pursue their blood-lust unobserved and unchallenged. 

paul rutter violent criminal
Paul Rutter – Violent Idiot

Watch the following video to see Mr Rutter in action. You can see this half-wit pushing his ugly mug into the observer’s camera, calling them names (how grown up) and then accusing the videographer of putting the camera in his face. Does he have mental health issues? All the while you can see hunt lackey Marc Birney stood in the background – learning from the master. One thing that Mr Rutter says that we entirely agree with was:

Yeah, I’m not a nice person you know.

Here’s the video – take a look.


As you’ll have seen, one of Mr Rutter the Nutter’s favoured tactics is attempted intimidation – which repeatedly fails miserably. Northants Hunt Sabs bravely stand up to this man’s repeated attempts to scare them off and prevent them from recording the Cottesmore Hunt engaged in illegal hunting. 

Mr Rutter is a director of these companies:


More to come…

We were planning to make this  a much longer post – highlighting the behaviour of other Cottesmore Hunt stars including Christopher Edwards. Also, highlighting and listing all of the locations and establishments which have hosted Cottesmore Hunt meets, in the certain knowledge that they are breaking the law! But we’ll save these for another day. In the mean time, it’s worth reminding people of what organised crime actually is.

CPS Organised Crime Definition

In the UK the CPS defnes organised crime as: 

Organised Crime is defined as planned and co-ordinated criminal behaviour and conduct by people working together on a continuing basis. Their motivation is often, but not always, financial gain.

The Cottesmore Hunt are an organised criminal gang engaged in organised crime (illegal hunting). They employ violent thugs in order to avoid having their barbaric illegal behaviour witnessed and recorded.